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Links – Programs

Links – Educational Websites

  • Scale of the Universe An interactive model which lets one see the scale of various objects in the Universe compared to each other, and tells you more information about them.
  • Stellarium Free, downloadable virtual planetarium which lets one see the night sky as it would be seen using a telescope.
  • MIT Game Lab Educational games in a myriad of topics produced by MIT’s game lab. Includes: A Slower Speed of LightA game that simulates a world where the speed of light is gradually lowered, and shows what relativistic effects we would see in reality. Very computer intensive.
  • Khan Academy Contains a huge selection of videos on many different topics ranging from biology to economics. Great for self study.
  • KDE Education Project A website with a large variety of freely downloadable educational software. Includes: KGeographyA game that lets you browse the maps of the world, including each nation’s flag and capital, and then quizzes you.
  • Kerbal Space Program A game that lets you simulate and manage your own space program. The demo version is free to play.
  • GeoGebra A YouTube channel that includes geometry, spreadsheet and algebra examples from elementary to university level.
  • Medical Alert Advice An article with information about accelerometers and their many applications
  • GeekWrapped Blog A blog with science articles and guides for things like telescopes, books, and podcasts.

Elementary School (pre-K to Gr 6)

  • Tux Paint Downloadable drawing program for young children. Simple and full of fun effects.
  • Science Girls Squad A downloadable series of adventure books featuring girls exploring cutting-edge science and technology, like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and robotics.
  • GCompris Downloadable software containing a wide variety of educational activities and games.
  • Loom An interactive game with a good story, Loom is a good program to help train musical note recognition.
  • Lawrence Hall of Science A website that has a variety of apps and games to help children explore and discover the physical world.
  • Algebra for Kids A set of beginner’s algebra notes created by Jess Brewer.
  • Dragonbox An app that teaches young children algebra (without them realizing it). The 5+ version is recommended by a faculty member, although she hasn’t tested the 12+ version with her children yet.

Middle and High School (Gr 7 to Gr 12)

  • Science Buddies A website which contains many ideas and guides for various science projects.
  • Test Tube Games A collection of flash games dealing with topics such as particle physics and special relativity.
  • The Particle Adventure An interactive tour of particle physics. Introduces topics such as quarks, neutrinos, antimatter and accelerators.
  • CERN Physics A series of articles from CERN explaining various topics in modern physics.

University Level and Above

  • Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Provides many videos and public lectures on advanced physics.
  • PhET: Collection of applets that demonstrate physics and math.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare Huge database of free online college courses, many complete with full lectures and problem sets.
  • Udacity Interactive college classes. Join classes, watch videos, participate in activities and learn about a variety of different subjects!