Experience Science Day

Each year, 150-200 elementary school students from the Vancouver Downtown East Side, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Canada, visit the UBC Vancouver campus to participate in hands-on activities in a variety of science topics. The event is free of charge, and lunch and transportation are provided.

Faraday Show

In 1826, physicist Michael Faraday founded the Children’s Christmas Lectures at London’s Royal Institution. His goal was to communicate to children the excitement of scientific discovery. In keeping with the spirit of those lectures, every year students and faculty at the Department of Physics and Astronomy present a public science show in December.

Girl Guide Embers Pathfinders & Scouts Visits
About once a month, volunteers from UBC Physics & Astronomy visit local Embers, Girl Guides, Pathfinders & Scouts groups, to share the wonders of physics with them.

Saturday Morning Lectures (TRIUMF)

TRIUMF, UBC, and SFU have proudly presented their popular Saturday morning lecture series on Frontiers of Modern Physics over the last years. Lectures are at a level appropriate for high school students and members of the general public. Everyone is welcome.