1. How many students are in each camp, and how many instructors supervise them?

Each summer camp will generally have 20-25 students. For each camp, there will be one certified teacher, one undergraduate student, and 2-3 high school volunteers supervising the camp. Additional students/faculty might be brought in to deliver specific content for the camps.

2. My child is X in line on the waiting list for a spot in the summer camp. How likely is my child to get a spot?

Typically we see 2-3 cancellations per camp each year (this fluctuates and is not guaranteed). As it gets closer to the summer camp time, many parents on the waiting list make other arrangements for their children. Once we went down to the 8th child on the waiting list. Our advice is to consider alternatives, but register for a spot on the waiting list, anyways. There is no cost to place your child on the waiting list, and you will receive an email/phone call from us as soon as a spot is available.

If you register your child for a waiting list spot but decide to make other arrangements, please email us at camps@phas.ubc.ca to let us know, so we can remove you from our waiting list.

3. My child participated in the camp last year and he/she is planning to return to the same camp. Does the content for the camp change from year to year?

We are building new content so we can operate on a 2-year system of even/odd years content (your child will be able to take two years of the same camp without encountering the same content). As well, new instructors and undergraduate students bring in new content and activities so there will be some variations from year to year. If you are concerned about repeated content, we recommend you consider registering your child to one of the many camps offered on UBC campus.

4. Does your camp provide lunch services?

No. Participants are asked to bring packed lunch with them to the camps. We also ask that you do not pack any food that contains nuts for your child, as there are some students with severe allergies attending our camps. For older kids’ camp (Grade 8-10) leaders for the camp might coordinate with the campers so the group can go to one of the UBC Food Services locations to purchase lunch.

5. I registered and paid for the registration, but have not received any information regarding the camps. What should I do?

As soon as you register, you should receive a confirmation email. At least 2 weeks before the start of the camp, we will send out the welcome letters/emails. The welcome letter will include pick-up/drop-off locations, what the child should bring to the camp, and additional forms to be completed by parents.

We have encountered some issues with our emails and some of them might have gone into spam folders. If you did not receive a registration confirmation email or our camp welcome emails, please double check your spam folders. If you are unable to locate the emails, please contact us at camps@phas.ubc.ca / 604-822-0596 as soon as possible.

6. My child is an international participant and does not have an MSP (BC Health Care) number. What should I do?

We required that all international participants submit their travel insurance information. Our staff will be in touch 2-3 weeks before the camp starts to collect the travel insurance information from you. Please note that failure to provide the insurance information might result in cancellation of your camp spot.

7. What is your cancellation policies?

If you cancel your child’s reservation before two weeks prior to the start of the camp, we will refund your payment minus a $25 administrative fee. We will not give any refund for cancellations after this time.

8. Do I need to pay for registration if my child is on the waiting list?

No. Payment for those on the waiting list won’t be needed. We will contact you directly once a waiting list spot opens up, and collect payment by phone at that time. You won’t be charged any registration fee if you cancel a waiting list spot, but please do let us know if you intend to do so – we can then contact the next parent on the waiting list as soon as possible!

9. Are there discounts for those who are UBC faculty or staff?


10. Do you provide before/after-camp care?

Unfortunately we do not provide before/after-care at the moment.