Photos from the 2024 Summer camps:

Designing a lunar lander!
Learning about the physics of boats!
7-segment letter design using circuits.
Learning about light with polarizers.
Making rockets!
Cardboard boat building team.
Using physics to build a buoyant and balanced water craft.
Boat captain!
She floats!
Measuring the speed & distance of solar cars with stop-watches.
Data content created by students.
Building hydraulic machines.
ASTRO Camp Scavenger Hunt!





Photos from the 2023 summer camps:




Photos from the 2019 summer camps:

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Astronomy July 8-12Advanced Physics July 8-12Fun with Physics July 15-19Physics & Computer Science July 15-19
Astronomy July 22-26Physics & Computer Science July 22-26
Fun with Physics July 29-August 2Advanced Physics July 29-August 2

Videos from the 2016 Fun with Physics camps

(filmed by UBC Geering Up! Program):