Embers, Girl Guides, Pathfinders & Scouts Visits

Volunteers from UBC Physics & Astronomy visit Embers, Girl Guides and Scouts groups (typically 7-11 years old) regularly to share the wonders of physics with them.

In the New Year (January – April 2024), we will be offering hosted/in-house visits (at our Outreach Lab on campus), in-person and virtual visits to Embers, Girl Guides, Pathfinders and Scouts groups. 

  • In-house visits can be arranged by interest, or will be suggested when we don’t have the resources to get to distant locations.
  • In-person visits depend on volunteer availability in the area, so we recommend selecting both in-person and in-house options if possible.
  • For virtual sessions, the leaders are expected to host the session on their existing virtual platform. However, if this is challenging, please note in your registration form and we will make additional arrangements.

Interested leaders should register for a visit using the online form HERE.

Please note that we try to fulfill as many visits as we can. At the moment we are only covering the BC area, and might not be able to accommodate all requests.

*November 2023: At this time UBC does not have a Covid-19 vaccine status mandate for students/staff/faculty. See the UBC updated policy here. If you require vaccine status, please contact outreach@phas.ubc.ca. 

Feedback from Group Leaders:

  • “Thank you. It was a great activity. The two student instructors were great with the kids, friendly and helpful and informative.”
  • “The facilitators were fantastic! Kind, fun and patient.”
  • “This was a wonderful workshop and the facilitators were fantastic with the group. We hugely appreciate that they volunteered their time to come to do this with us!”
  • “The hosts were really great and engaging! Everyone learned something.”
  • [The presenters] “were all so engaged and positive the entire time, brought great energy and enthusiasm, and they were also incredibly patient and kind with all of the girls in my groups, and answered all the questions and accepted the incorrect guesses with grace and kindness. All presenters brought unique qualities that really enhanced the workshops.”

Photos from recent visits:


Our Outreach Volunteers are undergraduate and graduate students in Physics & Astronomy programs at UBC. Their interest in outreach and desire to share the beauty of science with youth is what makes this outreach program so successful!

2022-2023 Volunteers: Alexis Hilts, Andrea Schildhorn, Amr Jelassi, Arieh Irving-Hughes, Arnav Khandelwal, Elizabeth Flanagan, Connor Bevington, Danielle Egilson, Elise Phelan, Félix Cormier, Jasmine Atwal, Jenny Zhu, Maskeen Kaur, Michael Sekatchev, Michelle Medina, Mitchell Halajian, Nane Vardanyan, Olivia Lowe, Sajjan Grewal, Pascale Luers, Steven Yu.