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*2023-24 Academic Year Update: We regret that we will not be running the Michael Smith Science Challenge this year. For questions please contact

The Michael Smith Science Challenge is a bilingual national competition written by students in Grade 10 Science or lower. It emphasizes logical thinking and covers material in the science curriculum common to all provinces. It is named in honour of UBC’s Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Michael Smith and is sponsored by the UBC Faculty of Science. Prizes are awarded to the top students (and their teachers) in each province, territory, and nationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We reserve the right not to give a provincial prize if the top mark from that province is lower than the national average, or if less than 20 students or three schools participate from that province. We also reserve the right, in the event of a draw, to depart from our stated list of national prizes.

Nationally: 1st – $500, 2nd – $250, 3rd – $100

Provincially: $100 for the top student without a national prize, $50 for each student in a tie

Teachers: $50 for a teacher with a prize-winning student


For the 2021 competition, students were given the questions in a randomized order and could not go back to see a question they had already submitted. For higher security, we randomized number values in 7 of the 8 questions. A randomly selected version of the challenge is posted here, and used in the analysis.

2022 Contest
2022 Contest Solutions/Analysis
Top writers for 2022
2021 Contest
2021 Contest Solutions/ Analysis
Top writers for 2021

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